maybe make some change

Aaron A. Reed

maybe make some change was conceived for and originally released as a multimedia-heavy browser experience, using css animation, streaming video, and a number of other state-of-the-art features. (At time of publication, this version was available at However, the web is an incredibly unstable platform. To preserve the work past the future browser updates that will inevitably render it unplayable, this Glulx version attempts to capture the spirit of the original within the limitations of the more feature-limited, but much longer lasting, Glulx virtual machine.

Even so, the piece pushes Glulx to its limits and many interpreters will not be able to run it correctly. An interpreter must support multiple channels of sound, as well as text and graphical windows, to run the Glulx maybe make some change correctly. Terps known to run correctly include:

Some more information on the Glulx platform can be found at

The source code has not been publicly released but is available on request. (Juhana Leinonen's Vorple will outdate most of it, anyway.)